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It's Time to Own Your Brilliance, Claim your Expertise and Get Paid Well As a 'Get-it-Done' Professional

From: Tina Forsyth, author of Becoming an Online Business Manager

I'm here to celebrate you for who you are and what you do.

  • You are a doer. An implementer.
  • You LOVE seeing your work come to life, feeling the satisfaction of a job well done and completed on time (Isn't that the best feeling in the world?!)
  • You prefer to be behind the scenes and aren't seeking the spotlight... you are more than happy to let your clients play that role. ;)
  • You are an insatiable learner, always seeking to master the next amazing tool or business strategy.
  • You thrive in the clearing of chaos and love a great problem that you can dive into, sort through and solve.
  • You enjoy working with great clients who see and value you for what you bring to the table.
  • You would bend over backwards to help and aren't afraid to go the extra mile to make sure that people are served.
  • You desire to make great money, work with great clients and do what you do best... get stuff done.

If any of this rings true for you then I'm delighted to meet you here today on this page as a kindred spirit... and to officially invite you to the Virtually Successful Video Summit.

This Summit was born of observations and conversations I've been having with my team and fellow virtual support professionals. We've observed a few things that we want to bring to the table for you to consider here today - perhaps they might hit home for you?

The MINDSET of virtual support professionals is different than other entrepreneurs

Many of you are absolutely brilliant, dedicated, hard-working support professionals. You've built your business by going with the flow - asking people what they want and delivering it. You are doing great work with your clients and may even be getting referred to other clients. You haven't necessarily had to do alot of marketing as people come to you ready to say yes even before they get on the phone. This works great, up until the point you decide to expand your business.


When you make the decision to expand your business, ready to work with a team, raise your rates or support higher level clients, a block comes up for you. This block often revolves around confidence. Other entrepreneurs have an inflated sense of self-confidence - they seem to just jump in and risk it all without a care in the world. They put themselves out there and face potential rejection. But for virtual support professionals it seems to be the opposite kicks in...

When you have to start marketing yourself, having sales conversations to 'prove' your rates in a conversation (closing the deal), your leadership skills are tested and you are unsure about your value, all of a sudden, although you really want to expand and grow your business, you find yourself stuck in doubt and fear.

You simply aren't wired like the rest of the entrepreneurs out there - what works for them isn't going to work for you. And when you talk to other types of entrepreneur who don't get it you end up feeling confused and inadequate.

A real need to understand business fundamentals

The truth is, many support professionals are overworked, overwhelmed and unprepared for success. You can't keep up with the current workload, much less consider taking on more clients, projects, opportunities. This happens when you fall into the "work by the hour" trap and don't have the proper business structures that allow you to do the work you want to do when you want to do it.

Without a solid business foundation YOUR business you may never overcome the CHAOS!

So what happens is you end up hopping from inbox to inbox, putting out fires most of the day. Then by the time your clients are shutting down, it finally gets quiet enough for you to be able to hop in and get some work done... at that point it's likely dinner time or your family is ready for your attention. You end up feeling the pull between what you know needs to get done for your clients' businesses, and spending the quality time with your family. The dream of freedom and flexibility that drove you to do this work has long faded.

There is not a successful revenue strategy for growth

When you are in the thick of it... day in and day out serving your clients, getting 'it' done, there is very little time (or creativity) to think of growing to the next level. The truth is, you can't see how you could take on more clients and your current clients have a hard enough time paying you already.

You are certain there is a better way, you know that other successful support professionals have to be making more money than you currently are, but how... what are they doing that you simply don't know to do?

At this point you are not really feeling hopeful but instead simply... stuck.

  • Stuck charging rates that you know are below the value you are bringing to your clients businesses
  • Stuck with clients that can barely pay your invoices
  • Stuck working 24/7 without any idea how to escape the overwhelm and frustration

The reality is, there are virtual support professionals out there making a GREAT living - making 5 figures a month - but for you that seems like more of a dream than a reality.

As a virtual support professional you truly love the service you provide your clients, but must admit: you struggle with the ability to BELIEVE in a bigger business for yourselves, you haven't been able to BUILD a solid structure in your business allowing you to multiply your efforts, which basically causes you to not BRING the revenue you truly desire.

Your doubts, fears, and frustrations are stopping you from creating and achieving what you want for yourself and for your business.   

I've been in this industry now since 2002 - just over 12 years now - and in that time I've done everything from virtual assistance, Online Business Management and now run a training and consulting company.

Not only have I been the 'get it done' gal working my buns off behind the scenes for my clients, I've also trained, coached and mentored thousands of virtual support professionals in their own endeavors.

I've been there - I get it. I've seen that what people BELIEVE is stopping them from BUILDING the business that will BRING the revenue they desire.   

And this is something you can change. It might feel like hard work at times, but I assure you it is worth it.  

That’s the reason we’re hosting this 10 day video summit - to help you believe it, build it and bring it, just like we know you can. 

I have invited 12 amazingly talented experts in our industry to help you
BELIEVE, BUILD, and BRING your business to the next level.

Why did I invite these folks? Simple - because they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table when it comes to getting stuff done and serving clients at a high level.

Each of this year's speakers is someone that I know personally - some peripherally and some intimately - and they are at the top of their game. They are people who LIVE their success and who I have the utmost respect and love for.

And last but not least - each of them said yes without hesitation when I invited them to speak at this Summit, despite their own crazy busy schedules - which speaks volumes to their passion and dedication to seeing YOU succeed.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to...

Bob Jenkins
VA Success School

Secrets To Becoming An Indispensable (And Well-Paid) Virtual Professional

Getting clients is easy. Getting clients that respect your experience, skillset, and role you play within their business is a whole different story.

During this lively session you’ll learn what specialized knowledge business owners are desperate for you to know how to do well. Bob will also share the B-word that keeps you from creating a thriving virtual services business along with 4 mistakes you’re probably making online right now that’s costing you future business (and maybe even losing your existing clients).


Michele PW
Marketing Strategist

3 Keys to Writing Copy that Attracts, Inspires and Invites Your Ideal Prospects to Become Ideal Clients

You don't have to be a professional copywriter to make a difference with your writing!

If you are going to be online you need to know how to connect with people - and good copy will either make or break you. Having worked as a professional copywriter and marketing strategist for many 6 and 7-figure business owners Michele knows exactly what works, what doesn't and she is going to give you the goods. Even if you feel like you can't write you are going to walk away with simple and effective tips that you can use both for you and your clients!


Kim DeYoung
Founder, Get it Done U

Product Launches Made Easy

The Top 5 Product Launches For You and Your Clients!

Business owners need YOUR help managing and implementing their product launches from start to finish. The more you know about launch management the more value you'll provide your clients. As a launch strategist, Kim brings the experience of working with some of the top online marketing companies. She'll share some of the most common pitfalls you can help your clients avoid when launching and how to choose the most effective launch channel.

So what's a launch channel, you ask? You are going to learn the 5 different types of launches that clients NEED your help with – and once you understand each of these 5 channels for launching, you can help guide and advise your clients into what is their best option and why.

Donna Cravotta
Founder, Social Sage PR

What is Social PR and Why You Need It NOW

Social Media is no longer an option, but knowing how to use it to build your business is a challenge...

Social PR is a strategic combination of traditional media, SEO and social media. It's a unique way to approach publicity – its totally authentic and represents who YOU are in your business and in life.

The philosophy behind Social PR is to not be afraid to be yourself. To use your own voice. To openly share your brilliance. Social PR is NOT advertising. It is about sharing your expertise through consistent branding and being visible to your target market via PR and social media. Donna is going to share her proven philosophy to build online relationships with your target market, and establish your credibility as an expert in the media so that your ideal clients find YOU - and how to do it in just minutes a day.

Chelsea Berler
Founder, Solamar Agency

What you Need to Know Before Creating Your Team Based Business

If you have ever wished you could clone yourself...

As the founder of a multi-7-figure team based business Chelsea is going to give us the inside scoop to her success. She is going to help you decide if you should create this type of business (or not, it's not for everyone!) You need to define what kind of team support is needed at each stage of your business and what that might look like as you evolve. There are important questions to ask yourself as you grow your team based business to ensure you're growing it to be scaleable and even saleable. And the structure you put in place will ensure everyone is set up for success or will lead you to disaster. The goal - retain the team members that are great, and you are one big happy family. :)

Tiffany Johnson
Manager, Certified Online Business Manager Training

Working with High-End Clients Who Value Your Services and Can Easily Afford You

Claim your Brilliance, Work ONLY with Ideal Clients and Charge a Premium Rate!

After 3 years of overseeing the Online Business Manager Certification Training, I have learned that virtual support professionals will VERY OFTEN settle.  Settle with pay that doesn't support their business goals, settle with clients that do not value them, settle with tasks that they do not enjoy doing... and honestly that list could go on and on.

But what if there was another way, what if there was another option for building a structurally sound business that allowed you to not settle.. but instead THRIVE in your brilliance, work with high end clients, and make the money you desire?

Alexis Neely
Founder, The Money Map to Freedom

Financial Liberation

Never Again Worry About Not Having Enough Money, Saving for Retirement or Paying Off Debt.

Live the Liberation that Is Your Birthright. It's all about creating a right-aligned business model that is built for YOU so you can make the money you need to earn by serving only your favorite clients in exactly the right way for you -- without stress, struggle or worry. We are also going to explore your Money Map Number and your unique Entrepreneurial Archetype so you will have a clear picture, vision and specific techniques and strategies to feel confident and sure you are on the right path to your own financial liberation.

Amy Bradbury
Founder of The Entrepreneur's Anthem

Claim your Niche

Realize Your Ripple™ and Increase your Profits by Identifying Who You are Meant to Serve

Working with clients who are the best fit for your business is the secret to a thriving, successful, and fulfilling support business. Amy will share the secrets that transformed her business from an overworked & underpaid bookkeeper to now being called the secret weapon of many 6 & 7 figure infopreneur businesses as an Online Financial Manager.

Learn specific strategies that you can implement immediately to increase the profit of both your business – and your clients - (Even if you are not a numbers person)!


Shannon Cherry
Savvy Strategies for Smart Entrepreneurs

Getting Money From Sponsors for Both You and Your Clients

You and your clients could be sitting on hundreds or thousands of unclaimed dollars and not even realize it!

Learn Shannon's secrets for getting sponsors to pay her and her clients for just about EVERYTHING she does, including clothes and makeup, computers, gifts for clients, blogging, attending and hosting events and much more.

You will get the inside scoop as to why companies have millions of dollars to dole out, why they could be interested in you and what you're doing, what you really need to offer to land a sponsorship and how you can charge a premium for providing sponsorship services to your clients.


Pam Ivey
Founder, Online Marketing Manager

Online Marketing Management

How To Land Clients that will NEVER let you go

Imagine being a sought after resource that positions you to command top dollar and has clients chasing you… instead of you chasing them. Right now the world is full of online marketing consultants, social media managers and virtual administrators who can help with marketing. But they are struggling to get noticed in a sea of marketing experts who all sound the same. Think about it… if you are a small business owner who wants to get more traffic, and increase sales…who do you turn to that you can trust?

As a marketing professional, I'll talk about an emerging field that your hungry and desperate potential clients are seeking – someone to take them by the hand and manage their online marketing process from start to finish.


Lou Bortone
Video Marketing Expert and Online Branding Consultant

Video Marketing Rules!

Why Video is Crucial to Your Business Success

Video marketing is incredibly powerful and is a game-changer for your business when you do it right. The problem is most business owners struggle with video, or get frustrated and give up. That's like digging for gold and stopping just short of striking it rich. Don't give up! The secret sauce for success with online video is simply a matter of finding your video "sweet spot." Join video marketing pro Lou Bortone and discover how to harness the power of video to build your brand and boost your bottom line.

We'll reveal the 5 Pillars of Video Marketing (skip these and you're toast!) along with explaining the different types of videos you can use to increase your visibility, drive more traffic to your website and generate more sales of your products and services. We'll also demonstrate the difference between on camera videos and off-camera videos, and when to use each type. Even if you've never done video before, this session will give you all the tips, tricks and shortcuts for using online video to build your business!

Michael Port
Best Selling Author, Book Yourself Solid

What your Clients Really Want from You (But May Not Be Asking You For)

Thinking Big as a Virtual Support Professional

Do you understand how your clients think? What they really want from you? It may not be what you think it is.

Together with best selling author Michael Port, we are going to explore what is really going on in your client's brain, how to know what they want from you (that they probably aren't asking for) and how THINKING BIG could make the difference between making a bit of money or explosive success.

Tina Forsyth
Founder, International Association of Online Business Managers

Host of the Virtually Successful Summit

<-- That's me!

It's my honor to be hosting the AMAZING group of folks we have gathered this year for the Virtually Successful Summit. I'm the one you will see on every call shining a spotlight on the wisdom that each speakers has to share.

Plus I'll be leading both the opening and closing ceremonies, including:

KICKOFF SESSION: Create a Business Around Your Brilliance & Get Paid What You are Worth

FINAL SESSION (with Tiffany Johnson): Your Plan of Action - 3 Steps in 30 Days to Believe It, Build It and Bring It


This is NOT another "Fluff without Substance" Event

Don't worry - fluff, woo-woo and inspiration alone don't do it for me either. You are here because you want real, tangible advice and strategies - stuff that you can take and use tomorrow - and I promise you that is exactly what we will deliver.

The Virtually Successful Summit is about community - about coming together, sharing and learning from each other so that you don't have to struggle trying to figure it all out on your own.

It's about knowing on a soul level that you are meant to do the work you are doing, that the world needs what you have to offer and that your ultimate job is to stay the course - even when it sucks.

It's about deciding what success means to you and not falling into the trap of what the world says success should be - while still creating an amazing income and life!

It's about doing whatever it takes to succeed without having to sacrifice our families, health or sanity in the process.

And last but not least, it's about the conversation - being real, open and honest about the journey and sharing from the heart in support of others.

Be sure to join us.

The Live Summit is now over but that doesn't mean you have to miss it...

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Let the conversations begin! See you on the other side.

P.S. If we haven't met before, consider this a "virtual handshake" and hello... I look forward to getting to know you during this Summit. And if you are curious to learn more about who I am you can read my bio at or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter as well.


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